Vicki’s Wall Hanging

“A Tribute to Vicki.”

This textile art piece is a tribute to our late member Vicki Wagemans. (1924-2014) The weft in this piece was the fibre that had been dyed by Vicki before she spun it into an art yarn. This was Vicki’s final spinning project. Our members gathered together to use Vicki’s yarn and it is woven on a Sampleit loom. Vicki was our treasurer for many years and studied “Spinning and Weaving” in a Tafe course, achieving a diploma. This is in remembrance of our Vicki, (a member we all loved.)

Naturally Dyed

Belinda is going full steam ahead with her dyeing experiments at the moment.  The above piece of knitting is made from her handspun fleece which was dyed using turmeric powder with no mordant.  The colour has turned out really well.  Keep up the experiments Belinda!

Jenni’s Collapse Weave Handspun

This is Jenni’s latest spinning experiment.  The dark and light overspun singles were plied together to create an imbalanced yarn which had too much twist in it.  The process of collapse weaving is achieved using overspun yarn, usually singles, for the weft.  The interesting furrows appear when the garment is washed.  If you want to read more about this furrowing effect, Curious Weaver explains it quite nicely.

Naomi’s handspun

This bobbin is filled with a beautiful, soft fibre consisting of merino, alpaca, camel and silk which was given as a gift to me by Lyn. It was so lovely to spin.

After settling on the bobbin for a couple of days, here it is skeined up. I can’t wait to make something out of this that will sit next to the skin. Heavenly!

The green skein was made using a mixed breed fleece which was washed by my mum for me. Lucky me. I then hand-dyed the fleece, then put it through the drum carder a few times. I was then able to spin it quite finely, and then plied it to create this finely spun yarn. The chunky spun skein was made using some left over bits and pieces, some hand-dyed by me and some by Bev and Lyn.

Katie’s Wraps

Katie made two different versions of the same crocheted wrap modelled here by Belinda. The first one is made using brightly coloured acrylic yarn and the second is made from silk yarn. They are both gorgeous.

Belinda’s Handspun

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Here are some of Belinda’s handspun skeins. The orange, green and pink skeins are hand-dyed. The blue and black skein was made by threading sequins onto yarn given to her by Katie. The rainbow ball is a hand-dyed single. Belinda is a very profuse spinner and always has plenty to show us.