Olive’s Superfine Crochet

Olive was going through all her bits and pieces in her craftroom the other day, as one does, and happened upon this amazingly intricate lacy crochet that she had done many moons ago.  What beautiful work.  It must take a lot of patience and a steady hand to create these lovely flowers.

Drop Spindling

An impromptu demonstration using the drop spindle by Bev.  Lesley was wondering how she could spin some wool for her weaving projects without having to get a spinning wheel, so Bev showed her how it’s done. 

Alpaca Spinning

Jenni and Naomi have both been spinning some alpaca.  Jenni’s is an off white, beautiful and soft, and Jenni’s spinning is coming along really well.  She is quite new to spinning.  The brown alpaca was spun by Naomi for someone who has an alpaca farm.  They did not really know what to do unfortunately so the fibre was prepared with the guard hairs still mixed in.  Oh, dear!  They were still really happy with it as they had never had any handspun from their own alpacas. 


Spinners Galore

A few months back we were commenting that we had very few spinners attending on a Tuesday.  A few weavers and other crafters but sometimes only a couple of spinning wheels would be twirling rhythmically throughout the morning.  Now we have had an influx of new spinners and regularly have six or seven wheels all going at once.  This makes me very happy.

Lyn’s Sky

Lyn has handspun this beautiful yarn to represent a sky with puffy white clouds.  It has silk cocoon and lots of interesting bits and pieces in there and the result is a wonderfully textured yarn.