Lovely Lilies

The workshop on Lovely Lilies was well-attended by seven members who thoroughly enjoyed learning this new skill. We chose a cream background and 3 other colours. Each square can be set to create a different effect.

The idea is to learn the technique in preparation for making a Collaborative Quilt for the Sydney Quilt Show. Bev Robertson and Noelene Fraser are co-ordinating the project.

Each of the 7 members have been asked to make a sample at home using navy as a background.

Feltfine Visit

A few of our members went on a little road trip to feltfine recently.  Gary had a sale so we all thought it would be a good time to make some fibre purchases.  And let’s face it – when isn’t a good  time really.  We all went a bit crazy, coming home with bags filled with colourful purchases and our heads full of interesting snippets of information about some of the unusual fibres.  Overall a lovely day for everyone.

Jenni And Vicki’s Wool

Here is Jenni weaving on the sampleit loom with Vicki’s last skein of handspun wool.  Everyone has had a little turn of weaving so that we have all contributed to the wall hanging which will hang proudly on the Cottage wall in memory of Vicki.

Bev’s Outback Fibre Adventure

Bev went on a holiday vacation recently and spent her time creating very craftily, as all keen crafters do.  She handspun some wool using the drop spindle.  Then boiled up some eucalyptus leaves on the combustion stove.  This dyepot was used to dye the handspun wool.  Next she set up the loom which was made from sticks found on the ground, and electrical ties!  The handpun fibre was then used to warp up the loom, and to complete this woven masterpiece.  Wow.  How inspiring is that?

Jenni On The Picker

Jenni Picking

We had another one of our wool preparation days recently.  Here is Jenni putting some of the wool through the picker.  We shared all the picked fibre and are going to compare the results when we have all finished spinning.  Should be interesting.

Louise’s Scarf

Louise's Scarf

Louise made this beautiful scarf on the sampleit loom.  The wool was originally yellow but Louise wasn’t keen on the colour, so she over-dyed it with some black dye.  It has really given the yarn a lift and given a great look to this scarf.