Eileen’s Weaving

Eileen's weaving

Eileen has been very busy on the weaving loom lately.  This rug is going on Eileen’s floor, and is made from scraps of fabric which have been turned into strips.  This will certainly brighten up her floor.

Jenni’s Wrap

wrap by Jenni

Jenni has been going crazy with the crochet hook with this one.  This freeform crocheted wrap was made in an array of different shaped individual pieces and then stitched together.  I would love to see someone wearing this as I think it would look stunning.

Go The Eels

Charlotte's quilt
Charlotte made this very intricate fan quilt quite a while back and brought it in to show us.  I suspect there is a certain percentage of the population that would love to have this one.

Charlotte’s Handspun

Charlotte's handspun

All of these balls of wool were handspun by Charlotte, who has only just begun her spinning journey.  These are various singles that have mostly been plied with a commercial 2-ply.  I love all the natural colours.