Colourful Poncho


This gorgeous poncho was made by our very talented Linda B, for Denise’s daughter.  Denise is doing the modelling for us.  It has a different pattern of the colours on the back so you can spin it around and look just a little bit different.

Anne’s UFO

Anne's UFO

Anne was working on a multitude of hexagons in various stages of completion and all some sort of green.  They were originally for a project or possibly more than one project, but so much time has passed that Anne no longer remembers what that may have been.  I bet that sounds familiar to at least a few of us.  Anyway, they are now being given a new lease of life and Anne will reduce the size of her UFO basket just a little.

The Completed Saori Rug

Here it is – the Saori Rug that Julie was busy working away on with Lyn’s Saori Loom at the Gathering and Exhibition. Now all put together into a king size bed cover.
Julie was so happy with the finished item.  Now to give it to her daughter and her partner. Who would not be happy? By Lyn A.

Weave It Squares Workshop

A few Wednesday nights ago, our lovely Charlotte gave us a workshop on the Weave it squares. Charlotte is so very talented. We all learned so much.  Charlotte is doing some beautiful work on the squares. Thank you Charlotte.

Kathryn and Fran


It was Kathryn and Fran’s birthdays last month, so there was a little celebration one Wednesday night.  They look quite glamorous with their pink feather boas.  Happy Birthday girls.