Moody Sky Rug


Moody Sky RugI would like to thank everyone who participated in our rug for next years raffle.  The inspiration for “Moody Sky” came from some mixing of fibres that we did at the cottage and one of the colourways we called Moody Sky.  Such a lovely ring to it and the imagination went wild.  The dyeing & spinning was taken from there.  The wool/alpaca mixture was dyed, carded, spun and plied  to give it the standout textures.  This was left at the Cottage for the members to do whatever they chose in any design and then we fitted it all together like a giant jig saw puzzle.  This was all then pinned onto a sheet to keep it together until the stitching and joining began.   The gaps had to be filled with crochet or knitting and edges formed to shape up for the borders.  This rug ticked all the boxes with all our members being able to contribute.  Eighty-six skeins of wool/alpaca were used in the making of this rug. (A mammoth task on it’s own.)  I would really love to take this opportunity to thank everyone and that includes the quilters, knitters, and textile arts groups all working in with the spinners and weavers.  This shows just how harmony works for the benefit of the Guild and all who belong and attend our groups.
A mammoth effort from all our very talented groups and for this I would like to thank you all personally.  Lyn A.

Too see what it looked like before we stitched it together, click here.

Fi doing Sashiko

Fi sewing a sashiko panelHere Fi is stitching a Sashiko panel to be incorporated into a wall hanging.

According to Wikipedia, Sashiko is a Japanese word which literally means “little stabs”.   It is a form of decorative reinforcement stitching, or functional embroidery, from Japan.   Traditionally used to reinforce points of wear, or to repair worn places or tears with patches, this running stitch technique is often used for purely decorative purposes in quilting and embroidery.   The white cotton thread on the traditional indigo blue cloth gives sashiko its distinctive appearance, though decorative items sometimes use red thread.

Wow.  This looks painstakingly time consuming but gorgeous.  Can’t wait for the finished wall hanging.

Decisions, decisions

Karen and Noelene

Noelene and Karen, who both attend our Wednesday group, are discussing patchwork patterns.  How to decide… So much work and many many hours go into making a quilt so you really want to make the right decision about which pattern to use.

Jenni’s Patchwork

Jenni creating a quilt top.











Here is Jenni creating a quilt top, scissors at the ready.  Jenni attends our Wednesday group at the Cottage.  The quilt top looks very colourful and we can’t wait to see it when finished.

Gosford Show Competitions

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A couple of weekends ago, we attended the Gosford Show.  Along with our own fabulous work being presented, this year we had a series of textile art challenges on display.

Members were encouraged to enter their work in either a fabric-based challenge or a yarn based challenge.  We had a number of entries with both winners being collaborative efforts.  The ANZAC project won the fabric based challenge and the freeform knitted/crochet rug won first prize in the yarn based section.  They are both special as they were worked on by so many hands in the spirit of friendship and common endeavour.  The ANZAC project in particular showcased a large variety of the skills that our members share.  Kathryn came second in the fabric challenge with her sea-themed quilt; Louise came second in the yarn section with her hand knitted rug.

We also offered 2 textile art challenges to a group of approximately 20 schools in the Gosford Shire.  They were to make a game or a puppet from any textile art medium.  We received 19 entries – 18 were from Erina High School and 1 from Gosford High School.  The entries were fabulous – very colourful, well-designed and demonstrating a high degree of skill.  The judging was difficult and we adhered very closely to the set task criteria to ensure fairness.  Kay H, Anne P and Debbie H were the judges.  Visitors to our stand were also encouraged to vote in our Viewer’s Choice Award – many commented on and were impressed by the high standard of the work on display.  A special moment was meeting the student who won both challenges.  She arrived with her family not knowing she had won – the look on her face (and her mother’s) was priceless.  By Debbie.

Anzac Quilt

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The quilt, ANZAC UNDERPINNED, was hanging at the Breakers Club in Wamberal in the RSL rooms. We also displayed it at the Gosford Show and it will be displayed in other venues also. I would like to say thank you to everyone involved in this collaborative project and congratulate you on the extensive research, smooth sharing of ideas and generous giving of time and skills. The best outcome for me, was to work with, and get to know so many people from across the various disciplines which our guild encompasses. This art quilt is a product of your individual talents, knowledge, energy, expertise and enthusiasm, without which it would not exist. I estimate that in excess of 150 ‘woman hours’ have gone into the creating of this work!! My thanks to you all. Jenni M.

Gosford Show 2015

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The Gosford Show was held on Saturday and Sunday, 2nd and 3rd of May. We have had so much rain and the Show suffered for this. Still everyone did their best and pulled together to continue on. We had a wonderful spot and were able to be out of the weather and toasty. It was a pity we did not sell gumboots. The guild had a lovely stand. We set up on the Friday from lunch and Debbie and Anne did the judging of the items put in for the competition.  Congratulations to all the entrants that were successful and those that went to the trouble to enter.  The Schools competition looked excellent. Saturday was a washout, however people did brave the weather and attend the Show. People were interested in the demonstrations and looking at the items on show. Sunday again another washout.  Once again, a few braved it and attended. I would like to say on behalf of the Guild a very big thank you to all our members who participated in setting up, pulling down, attending our stand and demonstrating.  A real team pulled together as usual and thank you. Lyn A.

18th Birthday Quilt

18th Birthday Quilt

This is the patchwork quilt that I made for my daughter for her 18th birthday.  It took me ages because I have never made a quilt before, so anyone can do this if I can.  I was paranoid about it not lining up properly so I measured quite obsessively throughout the whole process and lots and lots of pinning…..and remeasuring.

The quilt was made using a combination of my daughter’s favourite old clothing or other clothing with special meaning like her old school uniforms, and photographs of all the plays she was in, birthday party dressups and school logos from all the schools from around the world that she attended.  I got the photo idea from Lyn A who made a beautiful photo quilt for her daughter.

For the backing I used polar fleece in blue, her favourite colour, and the edging is made from one of her old sarongs which I made when she was little from fabric which she chose.

It was great timing as the weather is just starting to get cool and she has draped it around her many times while reading in her favourite comfy chair.  She really loves it….thank goodness.  By Naomi.