Olive’s History

Olive's granny's knicker lace
Olive bought out the most exquisite lace and showed it to us this week.  It was made by her Granny and had adorned the edge of her knickers!  What an amazing piece of history.

Olive as a baby

Olive also brought along a picture of her Granny holding her as a wee bairn.

Bev’s Felted Scarf

Bev's scarfBev has been spinning on Tuesdays for quite a few years, and has recently begun to attend our felting sessions which occur every second Thursday.  Bev has done a little felting before, but this is her first item with our Thursday group.  This lovely cream and white coloured piece is mostly alpaca with some mohair, and can be worn as a scarf or wrap.  Beautiful!

Morisset Visit


Last Tuesday we had a lovely visit from the ladies of Morisset spinners and weavers.

IMG_1877They popped in for morning tea and a good old chat before heading off to the Regional Gallery to see the Tamworth Textile Triennial, which I think is great alliteration.

Morisset visitEveryone had a great time and even though it was a short visit, it was great to meet some like-minded people from not too far away.  Thanks for the great visit ladies.

Eileen’s Cushions

Eileen's CushionsEileen has used some lovely patchwork squares, which were donated to the Guild.  As they didn’t go well together, she has instead made each one into a cushion.  They were immediately seized upon as the new “must have” at the table.  By Debbie.

Petra’s Cross Stitch

Petra's Cross Stitch Here is Petra with a cross stitch she made for her mother-in-law.  The frame is shrink wrapped at the moment to protect it, but is a beautiful rich blue, as is the cross stitched vase.  Carefully and beautifully stitched.  By Debbie.

Birds Stealing My Fleece

This is exactly what happened to some of my rainbow fleece I was drying after washing and dying. Used in this nest is blue, yellow and red mixed alpaca, wool and mohair. Then the brown was from some brown alpaca also stolen from me. In this nest 2 eggs were laid and we watched them hatch. Sadly someone’s cat found them and one was gone. Then the second baby met its fate the same way. We do not even own a cat and this is in our back yard. I guess the moral to the story is that they were very comfortable while they were there.  Mum went to so much trouble to build the nest.


The picture shows how I dry the fleece and fluff it up.v If some hangs out or there is no wind around, I do not cover and the birds have a lovely time.  By Lyn A.

Bev’s Felted Toy For Floyd

This is a wonderful idea.  Bev made a little bag with felted pieces cut into leaves and a little bug.  Floyd will be able to hide the bug under the leaves and try to remember where it is.  A great game for concentration.  Thanks Bev.  By Lyn A.

Surf Patrol Buggy

Here is a little fun piece as a table centre for our Gathering in 2016. A little buggy covered in crochet, a needle felted surfboard with surf patrol and Life Savers flags on the knitted sand. The handlebars move and the eyes will look at you.


This little buggy has a mind of its own. (This seems to be an item that someone with too much time on their hands would make). Lots of fun.  By Lyn A.