Gay Spins

Gay spinningHere is Gay spinning like a dervish.  She has had this wool for quite some time and says that the quality is not great but it’s time to get it out of the stash.  This wool would not be suitable for clothing so Gay is thinking of making a bag out of the completed yarn.  What a great idea!

Michelle’s First Handspun

Michelle has spun her first 2 balls of wool.  Last week Michelle purchased her beautiful wheel and now she is up and away.  The fleece was cream and she plyed with another colour.  With her first 2 balls in hand she is ready to get knitting.  Great work Michelle.  By Lyn A.

A Warped Loom

Here is Margaret with the large loom all warped and ready to go into action.  Still lots of work ahead and we are looking forward to seeing the finished product.  By Lyn A.