Trudy’s Scarf

Trudy's Nuno Felted Scarf



























Here is Trudy with her beautiful nuno felted scarf.  Trudy used Tissue Silk for the base and left an edge around to become a ruffle with the shrinking process.  With little swirls left uncovered by merino tops, this made a magnificent finished shawl/scarf.  Trudy is going to use leaves to add colour to the finished item. Look out for the next post to see her finished item.  Beautiful work Trudy.  By Lyn A.

Julie’s Tea Cosy

Julie's Tea Cosy

Here is a photo of Julie who attends Thursdays on the felting days.  Julie made this lovely tea cosy with the wet felting technique, using a template inside.  She then needle felted onto both sides of the finished cosy.  It looks great and a lot of fun. By Lyn A.

Thankful for Knitting

Debbie found the list below in a message sent to her.  It came from America around Thanksgiving time.

I’m truly thankful for knitting; here are just a few reasons why:

  • It fills my life with colour.
  • It encourages my creativity.
  • It keeps my hands busy.
  • It introduces me to new people who share my love for the craft.
  • It loves to travel.
  • It likes the same TV shows that I like.
  • It keeps the same schedule as I do; if I want to knit in the middle of the night, it’s there for me.
  • It likes to change bags as much as I do!
  • It challenges me.
  • It keeps me company, even when I’m cranky.

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Karen’s first Handspun

Karen's first handspunHere is Karen’s first ball of handspun wool.  It’s certainly a lot neater than my first try.  Karen spun and then plied the wool, and then used the ball winder to make this pretty ball.  Now Karen is going to knit a scarf to show it off.  She just learned how to knit as well so we can’t wait to see the finished product.  Well done, Karen.

Gorgeous Raffle Blanket

All the knitted pieces laid outThe spinning ladies have been madly knitting odd shaped pieces using our handspun wool for our Moody Sky Rug.  The rug will be raffled off at the Gathering when we host it in 2016.

Pinning the piecesHere are some of the girls pinning the pieces to a backing sheet.  Lyn will then join all the pieces together and crochet in the gaps.  This is going to look fantastic!

Moody Sky Rug 1 Moody Sky Rug 3