Felting Day A Great Success

Felting Day
We held a felting day at The Cottage on Thursday 23rd October.  Melinda, Julie, Trudy and Louise are pictured here with the beautiful finished items.  The day was happy and all had a lovely time.  The next felting day will be Thursday, 6th November, 2014, from 10am until 2pm.  Plenty of fun to be had and great items to make.  By Lyn A.

Coreopsis Is Here Again

Coreopsis flowersWell it’s that time of year again.  The Coreopsis flowers are beginning to appear by the roadside and pretty soon there will be an abundance of yellow carpets to be seen everywhere and we know what that means….natural dyeing.  These flowers are great for dyeing wool as they need no mordant, and your wool turns out a lovely yellow colour.  Check out this previous post to find out how it’s done.

Laurie’s Needles

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou wouldn’t usually see my dad’s name associated with the normally girly craft of knitting, and I apologize to any manly knitters reading this if my words offend.  I lived overseas for quite a large number of years and upon our return we did a family camp.  Whilst the younguns were off swimming in the river, Dad and I went off to find some tree branches that would be suitable for making knitting needles.  I had no idea that he was so good at whittling.  We had no sandpaper so the whole lot was done with a knife.  They could do with a light sand but all in all they turned out rather well I would say.  And just to prove that they did get used on the trip, here is a picture of one of the grandsons knitting with cotton yarn using the smallest set of needles.  This was a particularly crafty day and the grandchildren all made themselves bird masks with the empty egg carton which you can see Finn wearing in the photo.  I’m amazed he could see anything at all through those holes but he assured me that he could see his knitting just fine.  Camping is so much fun.


Kate’s Jute Bag

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKate is one of our newest members and comes to the Cottage on Tuesdays.  She loves knitting with jute and does so regularly.  Kate knitted this bag which is almost finished.  There is some wool knitted with the jute also which you can just see at the top of the picture, and a lovely crocheted woollen flower to finish off.


EmergenceThe oceans of Planet Earth are said to be the last frontier, dark and mysterious at great depth. 
This textile is inspired by the newly discovered life forms which flourish at the mouth of  volcanic vents on the sea floor where they are sustained by sulphurous gases.  By Jenni.