Solomon’s Knot


















Here is our lovely Olive after dislocating her shoulder, still making her famous Solomon’s Knot scarves.  Olive has taught so many to make the scarfs and is preparing now for the next Exhibition. By Lyn.

Felted Sign

FeltSign Our Wednesday night group have been very busy making a sign for the cottage.  They felted a multitude of different coloured squares and then put contrasting letters on each one to make a very long sign that runs the full length of the room.  It really brightens up the place.  Thank you ladies for all your hard work.  by Naomi.FeltSign2

Blankets of Love Crazy Quilt

IMG_0654Crazy Quilt – This quilt has five central irregular pentagram shapes which are stitched down. The crazy quilting is done on each of the five central blocks simultaneously until one runs into another. The fabric choices are autumn colours, using a variety of lace, ribbons and fancy stitching from the sewing machine repertoire to embellish. The binding and back of the quilt use the same fabric. This is a quilt as you go piece. The picture of the back of this quilt clearly shows the crazy quilting. By Linda.


Lyn’s Photo Quilt

DSCF5384This quilt was done by Lyn for her daughter Tania, illustrating her world travels.
It has 36 pages of A4 size photos. Each page contains a couple to 8 photos and
so much love went into this for Tania. Photo printing onto the fabric is so wonderful for
all the memories and so very easy to work with. By Lyn.


Shoe Quilt

DSCF1633This Shoe Quilt was inspired by a Young Lady that loved shoes. Lyn wanted a special present for her and made this quilt with plenty of love. Needless to say, she loves it.

By Lyn.

Blankets of Love Blue Disappearing Nine Patch

IMG_0647Blue Disappearing Nine Patch – This makes use of  five different fabrics in a 9 patch design. When completed the fabric is then cut into 4 equal pieces and each of the pieces is turned 90 degrees giving the look of a more complex piece. The binding and the back of the quilt use one of the fabric pieces. The binding is embellished with ribbon and the corner of the quilt has an added knitted sheep. By Linda

Effervescent Life Flow

Effervescence Life Flow



























Water is the life-blood of this arid country of ours.
 I have used layered mesh, free-form knitted textile, and machine and hand stitched applique to express the richness and complexity of our waterways. By Jenni M.

Blankets of Love Hexagon Quilt

2013-12-04 09.45.56Hexagons – The cottage had these hexagons donated from a member of the community. These were then added to a piece of striped beige coloured fabric and some appliques added for extra interest. The binding and the back of the quilt is a darker complimentary beige. The piece was quilted to mirror the hexagon shapes, even on the plain backing fabric. By Linda