Fibre Day

Last Tuesday we had a fibre preparation day.  We had wool, alpaca and mohair, some undyed, some already coloured and some dyed by us, mostly Lyn and Bev.  We ended up with quite a number of bags of fibre turned out on the table so we sorted it into a few colour groups and combined everything by hand.  Then it all went through the picker in batches and the result was many bags of fluffy fibre ready for us all to spin into gorgeous art yarns.  Next to share up and get spinning!  (click on any of the above photos for a larger version).

Rhythmic Lode

Rhythmic Lode(Kimberley Series #1)
 The Kimberley landforms possess exceptional beauty and spirituality, much of which is hidden from the casual viewer.
 I have used hand-knitted textile pieces, which combine yarn and torn strips of fabric, to signify the rugged landscape. In contrast, the partially hidden ‘gems’ glow as they peep out from folds in the land.
 The richness of tone and texture helps convey the rhythm, abundant wealth and visual beauty of this place.  By Jenny.

Into the Distance

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had a photo in this frame but the glass in front was broken so I thought – I’ll use this as another frame for a weaving – had trees in mind and thought I’d use up my stash of various wools. So the foreground is all types of yarn and I’d change it every now and then just to alter the texture and started putting in the trees, and hills and distant mountains. I didn’t have a pattern, only what was in my mind and the water in the middle just came about. I’m in the end stages of finishing this and will wrap the frame with material of some kind when it’s finished. And again, the encouragement of members, including a gift of green wools from Megan T has enthused me to do more – but maybe with not so big a frame in future, it has taken a while. And guess what !!!! I still have a large stash of wools. Do these stashes never end?  By Eileen.