18th Birthday Quilt

18th Birthday Quilt

This is the patchwork quilt that I made for my daughter for her 18th birthday.  It took me ages because I have never made a quilt before, so anyone can do this if I can.  I was paranoid about it not lining up properly so I measured quite obsessively throughout the whole process and lots and lots of pinning…..and remeasuring.

The quilt was made using a combination of my daughter’s favourite old clothing or other clothing with special meaning like her old school uniforms, and photographs of all the plays she was in, birthday party dressups and school logos from all the schools from around the world that she attended.  I got the photo idea from Lyn A who made a beautiful photo quilt for her daughter.

For the backing I used polar fleece in blue, her favourite colour, and the edging is made from one of her old sarongs which I made when she was little from fabric which she chose.

It was great timing as the weather is just starting to get cool and she has draped it around her many times while reading in her favourite comfy chair.  She really loves it….thank goodness.  By Naomi.

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